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Event: Nuclear Power Asia 2017
Date: 07 – 08 March 2017
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nuclear Power Asia 2017 co-hosted by the Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation (MNPC) is the platform for regulators, nuclear energy agencies and operators within the region; the must attend event for international and regional stakeholders within the nuclear power industry.

Supported by the World Nuclear Association, the previous 7th Annual Nuclear Power Asia Conference & Exhibition was held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 20-21 January 2016 and was once again the region’s premier conference and exhibition for the nuclear power community.

Why attend Nuclear Power Asia 2017?

  • With good representation from policy makers regionally, you will get latest news on trends, policies and government incentives in the region so that you can make an informed decision on your business strategy for Asia.
  • Network with 300+ of the nuclear power industry professionals from the region and beyond. Find out what your peers and competitors are doing, which technologies they are using and what are the results they are achieving. These industry contacts face the same issues as you and they just might have found the solutions you are unaware of.
  • With 2-3 tracks going on at any one time and featuring over 50+ speakers across the region, you are spoilt for choice when deciding what you wish to learn. Customise your own learning experience and mix and match among the different sessions.
  • Maximise your time by meeting all your partners and suppliers in one location over two days. You will be able to gather information on the latest technologies and solutions from a variety of exhibitors firsthand.

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Event: 2nd Annual Power Plant Innovation Summit
Dates: 7th – 8th March, 2017
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Get insight into practical solutions to complex problems from key industry players, that will discuss achieved milestones and faced obstacles in creating more efficient and effective Power Plants in Asia Pacific. The Forum will provide understanding into the latest technologies that increase operational efficiency, sustainability and business continuity.

Seize an opportunity to network with global energy industry experts and learn about the latest planned & ongoing project from government and project owners:
• Taweelah Asia Power Company, Abu Dhabi
• Grattan Institute, Australia
• Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA), Malaysia
• Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka
• Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation, Malaysia among others…

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Event: Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia 2017 (SETA 2017)
Theme: Towards A Low-Carbon Society
Date:  8-10 March 2017
Venue: BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand

Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia 2017 (SETA 2017) is the premier energy platform in Asia to bring together industry peers, scholars, government authorities, associations for three days in Bangkok. This event is co-organised by the Ministry of Energy of Thailand and Chulalongkorn University, endorsed by the Ministry of Science and Technology and over more 40 Thai and international organisations, with over 5,000 participants from 41 countries who visited on last year edition.

This event is managed by GAT International Co., Ltd, a professional conference and exhibition management company, specialized in Energy and Technology sector for sustained growth.

Conference Topics

1. Sustainable Energy Policy and Planning
-Energy Planning at a Regional, National and Local Scale
-Energy Pricing
-Fiscal and Regulatory Policies at Supply
-Existing and Emerging Energy Markets and Reforms
-Alternative Energy Market and Policies
-Financing & Investments for Energy Supply
-Energy Integration Plan, Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities
-Regional Energy Supply Infrastructure
-Regional Policy Integration
-Energy Sustainability

2. Low Carbon Electricity Generation
-Electricity Generation
-Electricity Transmission
-Electricity Distribution
-Electricity Storage
-Smart Grids in Power System
-Low Carbon Energy Projects in Asia
-Energy Efficiency and Management
-Clean Coal Technology
-Nuclear Power in Asia

3.Green Transport and Logistics
-Novel Hybrid Vehicles
-Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure
-Novel Battery Development and Charging Systems
-Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles
-Public Transportation and Infrastructure
-Green Transport
-Fuel Pricing and Tax Incentives for Transportation
-Bio fuels for Transportation
-Pipeline Transport and Regional Connectivity
-Green Logistics
-Floating LNG Terminal

4.Smart Cities and Green Industry
-Smart Grid for Smart Cities
-Low Energy and Low Carbon City
-Smart Waste Management
-Urban Renewable Energy
-Green Buildings and Infrastructures
-Green Urbanization
-Green City
-ESCO Approach to Smart Cities
-ICT Application in Smart Cities
-Digital Utilities


  • 10,000+ visitors & delegates from the power, energy, technology & utility industries
  • 500+ high-level executives & decision makers
  • 500+ facilitated one-to-one meetings & business matching
  • 80+ industry leading expert speakers
  • 20+ hours of networking
  • 4 conferences tracks

Why Attend:

  • Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia is set to become the leading annual meeting place for the energy industry; a unique place to discuss the latest sustainable energy issues and industry challenges, as well as highlight the latest technologies and solutions available to meet these challenges.
  • For anyone involved in the power industry, from policymaker and operator, equipment manufacturer and product supply to service or solutions provider, SETA 2017 is the premier platform to meet key industry professionals for great networking and information sharing opportunities.

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Event: Energy & Power Philippines Summit 2017
Date: 21-24 March 2017
Venue: Manila, Philippines

Strong economic growth and a rise in energy demand have exerted pressure on the Philippines’ energy sector in recent years. Demand for power will outpace supply in the Philippines in the next five years as regulatory and bureaucratic uncertainties persist. The Philippines’ electricity consumption is poised to expand by an average of 5.7 percent a year till 2020 but over the same period, generation will lag at an annual average of 5.3 percent. Plus, the rapidly changing cost environment for hydrocarbon production and renewable energy, insufficient and outdated power generation infrastructure, combined with energy policy changes, means the fuel mix in energy markets can be unpredictable at best. It is clear that several challenges remain with respect to the country’s electricity supply in the short term but amidst a variety of challenges and issues that need to be debated and clarified, investment and business opportunities lie aplenty.

Be sure not to miss out on Equip Global’s leading Energy & Power Philippines Summit 2017 * as it features the latest updates on the regulatory policy, future infrastructure development planning, investment opportunities, funding schemes as well as state of the art technology within the Philippines’ Energy & Power Industry, under the Rodrigo Duterte Presidency. Gain First Mover Advantage at this exclusive platform that brings together the Government Authority/Agency, Energy & Power Producers, Power Distribution & Transmission Companies, Local & Foreign Fund Investors, Renewable Energy Project Owners and EPC Contractors to emphasise the pivotal needs in establishing firm regulatory policies as well as effective business models to garner greater investment interests and improve the synergy on public private partnership as well as to assess the latest power generation technologies showcase.

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Event: 2nd Annual Waste Management Conference
Dates: 22nd- 23rd March, 2017
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After huge commendable and successful Waste Management Conference in 2016, the 2nd Annual Waste Management is back with new 2017 theme – “Capitalizing the Waste Paradigm”. It is essential that the waste business finds a method for outlining, assembling and overseeing waste that will permit it to meet government targets and add to the maintainability plan.

Benefits of attending the event:
• 6 Chosen Case Studies from Asia Region
• 4 Panel Discussions with Distinguish Waste Management Leaders
• Reviewing practical waste management tools, models and resources
• Reducing cost by assessing alternative approaches to minimize waste
• Determining effective waste planning and building approvals systems to meet the diverse regulatory standards
• Gaining insight future challenges of the waste industry

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Event: 5th Annual Asia Pacific District Cooling Forum
Date: 27th – 28th March, 2017
Venue: Manila, Philippines

The Annual Asia Pacific District Cooling Forum has emerged as one of the best solutions to energy shortages, energy demand, and a response to global warming. Focusing on “Alternative Cooling Technologies In Tropical Climates”, its 5th edition will bring together key industry players to discuss and benchmark crucial issues on how to seize new opportunities and make it effective for the ASEAN Region. The Forum is rich in interactive panel discussions, in-depth real life case studies, keynote presentations, networking opportunities and awards ceremony.

Key Themes and Discussions for Asia Pacific DC Forum 2017:
• The latest project releases & updates from government and project owners
• Innovative technologies & solutions available in the market
• Regulatory and legal requirements in undertaking District Cooling projects
• Sustainability, Energy Efficiency & Conservation
• Strategic Operation and Maintenance among others…

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Event: Power & Electricity World Africa 2017
Date: 28-29 March 2017
Venue: Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

Power & Electricity World Africa 2017, featuring The Water Show Africa, Energy Efficiency World and The Solar Show Africa. Africa’s largest and longest running power and energy expo and conference in Africa. Meet with thousands of potential customers and industry professionals in one place.

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Event: 4th Asian Smart Energy & Cities Forum
Date: 29-30 March, 2017
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Today, more than half of world’s people dwell in large cities. While cities and urban areas are fast becoming the main hub of economic activity, it is also responsible for over 50% of the GhG emissions. Rapid economic development, together with an increasing urban population density, will pose many challenges. However, Sustainability, GHG reduction and Climate Change issues will equally dominate public policy, Smart Cities must find a way to include renewable energy in its mix.

Renewable energy in cities poses an enormous challenge. Its technical, financial and regulatory issues add great complexity. The intermittent nature of renewable resources adds to these difficulties even more. Fortunately, there are answers to the above challenges. New technologies, smart controls, and energy storage together with energy efficiency offer promising breakthroughs to make the future grid resilient and transactive in nature.

The 4th Asian Smart Energy & Cities Forum is a platform that will address all these issues and offer insight into the future by gathering experienced experts, industry leaders and policy makers. Come and join us in the hospitable city of Bangkok!

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Event: Thailand Energy Saving Expo 2017
Date: 11-13 May 2017
Venue: Challenger 1, IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand Energy Saving Expo 2017 – ASEAN’s largest international exhibition dedicated to promoting energy efficiency by showcasing the latest products & technology from all over the world. The exhibition will strengthen Thailand as a key hub for promoting and increasing awareness of energy efficiency in ASEAN.

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Event: LED Expo Thailand 2017
Date: 11-13 May 2017
Venue: Challenger 1, IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand

LED Expo Thailand 2017 – ASEAN’s Largest International Exhibition on LED Lighting Products & Technology covering the entire supply chain of LED industry from LED manufacturing equipment, accessories & raw materials to LED application and products.

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Event: PCB Expo Thailand 2017
Date: 11-13 May 2017
Venue: Challenger 1, IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand

PCB Expo Thailand 2017 – ASEAN’s Only International Exhibition on Printed Circuit Board & Electronic Assemblies – is organized to bring together the PCB community of manufacturers, buyers, sellers and professionals etc. on a single platform in Thailand, as the country is becoming a growing PCB and electronic component manufacturer. The expo will showcase innumerable products on display ranging from PCB design equipment & technologies to PCB materials & chemicals along with PCB manufacturing and processing solutions to the forefront.

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Event: 7th Power Southeast Asia Conference and Exhibition
Date: 23 – 24 May 2017
Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia

Following the resounding success of the PSEA 2017 Philippines, we are proud to come back to Jakarta with the 7th Power Southeast Asia Conference and Exhibition. Scheduled on 23-24 May, the 7th PSEA 2017 is scaling up with around 250 industry leaders invited from Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia and Philippines join us to share insights into the region’s power market and emerging trends and experience to operate power business in Indonesia. We’d like to invite you to attend this event to explore exciting opportunities for your business growth in the region and enhance your thought leadership as well.

Key areas to be covered:
1. Latest government policy update and planning;
2. Power plant and infrastructure development and financing;
3. Fuel trading (Coal/LNG) and market outlook;
4. Power generation innovation and plant O&M;
5. Renewable energy and smart grid;
6. Internet of things in Power industry.

We look forward to welcoming you all in Jakarta in May!

For more information, please visit the event website:

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Event: Asian Utility Week
Date: 24- 25 May 2017
Venue: Impact Arena, Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Asian Utility Week is a large-scale expo with conference designed specifically for Asian utilities who seek to transform their utility business model to include digital enablers. It is known as Asia’s leader in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and features other innovations designed specifically to improve the customer’s experience of energy services.

Our core theme is: “Building the infrastructure to support utilities operational excellence goals and future energy service”. Energy Services is a major new business category for Asian utility businesses and includes Rooftop Solar + Storage Programs; Microgrid Services; Smart City Infrastructure; Energy Management Programs; IoT Connected Home and Business Infrastructure.

Most of these new services hinge on data sourced from the AMI programs that are being rollout out across Asia and are bolstered by the liberalisation of energy markets encouraging a more competitive retail market operating environment. The liberalisation of the retail electricity markets is intended to give consumers more options to manage their energy cost. Competition among the retailers will encourage improved services, greater efficiency, competitive pricing and product innovation for the benefit of consumers.

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Event: 5th Annual Philippines Power & Electricity Week
Dates: 18-21 July 2017
Venue: Manila, Philippines

The 5th Philippines Power and Electricity Week returns with a unique focus in 2017. It remains the ONLY event that provides comprehensive insight on all types of RE projects, and a separate focus on Fossil Fuel Power Gen that continues to dominate the Philippines energy landscape. Analyzing region specific policy drivers and project opportunities by fuel type, the country’s most influential power sector forum brings together decision makers from the highest level.

Powered by top decision makers, project insights and new policy directions, the 5th Philippines Power and Electricity Week will be your one stop shop for business partnerships, market insights and targeted networking. Send a team, choose from multiple session options, evaluate projects, and gain competitive advantage for your company by attending this event!

Key highlights

  • 2 co-located conferences with a focus on
    Renewables (Solar, Hydro, Wind and Geothermal)
    Fossil Fuel Power gen (Coal and LNG)
    Choose between multiple sessions across the two events for the price of one
  • 30+ new case studies and project updates
  • Disruption, Innovation and Mega trends, in power sector technology and business models
  • Investment decision modelling for new projects, M&As and capacity expansions
  • Pricing, Revenue Management and KPIs for today’s power utility

For more information, please visit the event website:

Speaking Opportunities:
If you are interested in being considered as a speaker and presenting a paper at this conference, please contact:
Ariel Tan

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4th Asian Smart Energy & Cities Forum

On 29-30 March 2017 in Bangkok, the 4th Asian Smart Energy & Cities Forum will offer insights into the promising breakthroughs to make the future grid resilient and transactive in nature.

Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia 2017

Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia (SETA) in Bangkok, 8-10 March 2017 will be an international platform for meeting and discussing the latest issues in policy planning and technology advancement, and to support the global low-carbon advocacy.

Thailand Energy Saving Week 2017

Visit Thailand Energy Saving Expo 2017 on 11-13 May 2017 in Bangkok that will position Thailand as a key hub for the promotion and for the increasing awareness of energy efficient products and technology within ASEAN – co-located with LED Thailand Expo 2017.