Module 6: Offshore Wind Farm Development: Best Practices in Planning, Environmental and Safety Regulations

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Learning Goals

  • To understand basic concepts and best practices in offshore wind power development and in managing its impacts on the environment
  • To learn best practices, standards, regulations and other measures in ensuring wind infrastructure safety

Module Outline

  1. Overview: Key trends in wind offshore technologies
    1. Siting
    2. Turbine Technologies
    3. Fixed Bottom Substructures and Floating Technologies

  2. Offshore Wind Planning Criteria
    1. International Experiences on the use of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in Offshore Wind Power Development
    2. General Siting Criteria
    3. Other Criteria in relation to Other Marine Uses
    4. Multi-criteria Approach to Site Selection

  3. Environmental Impacts of Offshore Wind Power and Best Practice Measures
    1. Construction Phase
    2. Operations
    3. Decommissioning

  4. Maritime Regulations and Safety Standards for Offshore Wind Farms
    1. International Approaches
    2. Vietnam’s Maritime Safety Regulations
    3. Navigational Aid Regulations and Standards

Supporting Material

Presentation: PPt ENG Notes ENG PPt VN Notes VN

Supporting Documents: Download

Bibliographical References: Download


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