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Partners and sponsors of CEERD

Research and development at CEERD is being focused so that it supports projects in the Asia-Pacific region and creates an interface with European institutions and actors. Thus, throughout its numerous undertakings and long experience in the energy-environment field, CEERD has formed informal and formal collaborative arrangements with national and international organizations, academic and research institutes, national and international non-governmental organizations, and private sector entities, in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and the Americas.

At present CEERD is partnering with the Faculty of Science and Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology, Thanyaburi, Thailand for Phase 2 of a project titled “Cultivate environmental conservation awareness for sustainable development” up to 2023. It seeks to promote and support student activities for environmental conservation, global warming awareness and sustainable development conciousness. The activities conducted with the support of the staff at the Faculty of Science and Technology (trainings and media dissemination by the students) will notably provide students and their peers with knowledge and best practices on waste management, including raising earthworms to help with waste management at the local Talaad Thai market.

Moreover, CEERD, through its various projects, has been in direct contact with energy and environment planning agencies, academic and research institutes in about 20 Asia-Pacific countries.

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Private sector cooperation

As a natural evolution of the Centre, CEERD is carrying out more and more projects with the private sector in fields relating to energy and environment. This diversification has been made possible due to its skilled staff, who has accumulated a long experience in energy conservation, energy technologies, environmental impacts of electricity generation, GHG emissions, etc., and CEERD’s extensive network of experts in many different fields.

CEERD’s extensive knowledge of the region’s energy and environment markets has enabled it to conduct market surveys for energy and environment technologies. In connection with environmental protection, CEERD is also being involved in environmental audit, environmental engineering consulting, as well as in environmental norms and standards.

For example, CEERD has continuously cooperated with Energy, Economy, and Environment Consultants Co. Ltd. (EEEC) and Informatics Management Associates Co. Ltd. (IMA), both registered private consultancy firms in Thailand, in undertaking projects with the private sector and for specialized technical services like web design, etc.

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International student internships

CEERD conducts applied and finalized research in partnership with European and Asian universities and research centres in the framework of student apprenticeship or internship. CEERD receives several masteral students for short periods (1 to 6 months).

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Enlit Asia

Enlit Asia (formerly POWERGEN Asia – Asian Utility Week) is back in Bangkok this September!

FEA 2022

Event: Future Energy Asia Exhibition and Summit 2022Theme: Asia’s leading energy transition and transformation exhibition and summitDate: 20-22 July 2022,


Event: POWERTRENDS 2023Theme: Navigating A New Era of Technology Rivalries, Innovations and Convergence of SolutionsThought Leaders’ Roundtable DiscussionDate: 08-10 February

PV Guangzhou 2022

Do not miss “PV Guangzhou 2022” on August 10th-12th: mark its date and register for your free digital ticket now.