Scope of Activities


CEERD supports Sustainable Development and stresses the fact that energy and environment issues cannot be dissociated with development concerns and are linked to other physical Resources like forest and agriculture, water, land, air, in fact the entire biosphere.

Leveraging on its experience in the energy-environment field, CEERD provides information and knowledge and conducts training, research, and consulting in the various fields of energy, energy-efficiency and environment.

On top of this, it also aims to be a premier observatory of Asia-Pacific energy systems and energy policies as well as a privileged partner of and intermediary between high level energy and environment policy makers in the ASEAN region, particularly countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

CEERD will capitalize on its expertise and qualifications on energy and the environment to achieve this developmental goal.

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ACE nodal centre

In support of his vision, CEERD has been endorsed by Thailand’s Ministry of Energy as an official member of the ASEAN Centre for Energy’s (ACE) Network of Nodal Centres.

CEERD assists ACE in initiating, organizing, and implementing activities to promote regional cooperation on energy and environment, including planning and modeling; policy formulation; research and analysis of energy and environment policy, markets, technology, and regulation; and in addressing climate change.

Fields of Expertise

CEERD projects and network of expertise are in the following areas:

  • Energy analysis and long-term sectoral demand, and Supply forecasting with environment assessment;
  • Energy-environmental database development;
  • Energy saving and fuel switching, and Energy efficiency indicators in Asian countries;
  • Methodologies and models for regional / country studies (energy master plans, energy-environment planning, action plans, etc…);
  • Market prospects and opportunities in the oil, gas and electricity sectors;
  • Financial instruments and environmental impacts of the privatization process in the energy sectors in Asian countries;
  • International cooperation and networking on energy-environment;
  • International climate change issues and policies;
  • Industry, environment, and clean technologies;
  • Energy, environment and trade;
  • Energy and sustainable development (CDM, PINs, PDDs, etc…).

CEERD conducts Training and Research on energy-environment economics, planning, modeling, policy, markets, and technology in the framework of international cooperation projects to strengthen the capacity of national governments in Asia and the Pacific in energy-environment planning and policy formulation.

CEERD provides Information and Knowledge on current issues and developments in energy-environment affecting Asia and the Pacific and other regions in the framework of consultancy projects sponsored by international and national agencies and the private sector, and through research published or presented at national, regional and international conferences.

CEERD is carrying out more and more projects with the private sector in the areas of environmental norms and standards, environmental management systems, and clean technologies and in organizing business exchanges.

Research and development in CEERD will also be focused so that it supports developments in the Asia-Pacific region and creates an interface with European institutions and actors. One concrete way to achieve this is to facilitate research for Asian and European students, notably in the framework of student apprenticeship or internship.

Focus on the ASEAN and the GMS

ASEAN is a formal grouping of 10 Southeast Asian nations that include Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The region represents more than 15% of Asia’s population but only less than 10% of its GDP. Average per capita energy consumption is just half the world average. All these indicate the development potential of the ASEAN region that is also endowed with energy resources like hydropower, oil, natural gas, coal, and new and renewable energy.

The Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) includes the five ASEAN members Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and the Yunnan Province of China. This currently corresponds to a total population of about 240 million, diversely spread over some 2.3 million square kilometres around the Mekong River, which gives the GMS countries huge hydropower potential. While the priority for foreign investment of developed countries seems to have shifted to other areas like North Africa and Latin America, the GMS remains a strategic market in Asia.

CEERD has worked in these regions. Its partnerships with key agencies in Asia and in Europe such as ASEAN, APEC, ADB, ESCAP, IAEA, IEA, WEC, FAO, etc. demonstrate its strong interests in these regions.

Training, Workshops and Conferences

CEERD experts and staff are invited to present papers in international scientific and business conferences. CEERD is attending these conferences as a way not only to actively participate in the sharing of information and knowledge but also to promote CEERD’s expertise.

CEERD offers training programs and/or has cooperated with several organizations in the conduct of workshops, seminars and conferences on various energy-environment topics, including but not limited to:

  • Energy-Environment Modeling, Planning and Policy;
  • Sectoral Energy Demand Analysis and Long-Term Forecasting;
  • Energy Supply Optimization;
  • Energy-Environment Systems Optimization;
  • Energy Economics, Energy Models;
  • Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting;
  • Environmental Management;
  • Energy-Environment Standards and Norms, Eco-labeling.

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CEERD communicates the results of its research activities, seminars and training in the form of project reports, workshop proceedings, journal articles, country monographs, books, methodological manuals and guidebooks as well as the production of energy-environment planning software user’s and technical manuals.

In addition, CEERD is contributing to the development of websites for disseminating the information and knowledge from specific projects, notably in the field of Clean development.

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Information Services

CEERD has been publishing Asian Energy News (AEN), a monthly press review on energy and energy-related economic and environmental issues in Asia. It was providing up-to-date information on all the Asian energy sector’s activities and trends through summaries prepared from a wide range of media press and publications, as well as local information sources.

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